Public Relations is everything you say and do.

Marketing in real time has revolutionized the way that modern business is conducted.  It isn’t enough anymore to pick only one, or even a handful, of traditional marketing tactics.  In this age of convergence, people have changed the way that they receive and access information, making it more important than ever to deliver a clear and controlled message across all channels.

This not only dictates the way we market things, it dictates the way we do business. A return to word-of-mouth marketing via social networking, delivers as-it-happens information to the literal fingertips of consumers.  Multiple platforms, upon which users can share positive or negative feedback, make every brand experience a significant one.

The value of your brand is determined now more than ever by the way you engage with your “publics” and the professional management of that relationship is the practice of public relations.   Christie Honigman, Principal

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