The Best Print Ads of 2014

Visual imagery as a sales tool is more powerful than ever in this age of information sharing.  In fact, pictures continue to be the most shared form of digital content.  When paired with compelling messaging, brands can enjoy direct bottom-line results with increased brand awareness and brand loyalty.

Here are 10 of my favorite national print ads of 2014 that did just that.  Use these as inspiration to get more creative with your marketing strategy for the year and take time to think about what the content you are putting out there is saying to your customers about you.

1)  McDonald’s

McDonalds 1

2)  Mercedes Benz

Mercedes 6

3)  Nike

Nike 2

4)  Surfrider Foundation

Plastic 10


5)  Absolut

Absolut 5

6)  Band-Aid

Bandaid 7

7)  The French Open

French Open 8

8)  Guinness

Guinness 9

9)  Heinz

Heinz 4


Keloptic 3

Need more inspiration?  Email and start talking about a more inspired sales & marketing strategy for your business today.

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