The Best Print Ads of 2014

Visual imagery as a sales tool is more powerful than ever in this age of information sharing.  In fact, pictures continue to be the most shared form of digital content.  When paired with compelling messaging, brands can enjoy direct bottom-line results with increased brand awareness and brand loyalty.

Here are 10 of my favorite national print ads of 2014 that did just that.  Use these as inspiration to get more creative with your marketing strategy for the year and take time to think about what the content you are putting out there is saying to your customers about you.

1)  McDonald’s

McDonalds 1

2)  Mercedes Benz

Mercedes 6

3)  Nike

Nike 2

4)  Surfrider Foundation

Plastic 10


5)  Absolut

Absolut 5

6)  Band-Aid

Bandaid 7

7)  The French Open

French Open 8

8)  Guinness

Guinness 9

9)  Heinz

Heinz 4


Keloptic 3

Need more inspiration?  Email and start talking about a more inspired sales & marketing strategy for your business today.

Fashion Touchdown with the Eagles 9/16

On Tuesday, September 16, 2014 from 5:30 to 8pm, The Honigman Group, Inc. joins Zarwin Baum & Boyds Philadelphia in hosting Fashion Touchdown, benefitting Big Brothers Big Sisters Southeastern PA (BBBSSEPA). The event will take place at Boyds (1818 Chestnut St.) in Center City.

Kicking off with a VIP reception at 5:30, the main event begins at 6pm as Philadelphia Eagles DeMeco Ryans, Mark Sanchez, Jeremy Maclin, Fletcher Cox and Malcom Jenkins trade footballs for fashion in a night of giving back.

As guests enjoy cocktails and lite bites, the Eagles players will don clothes from Boyds and participate in a trendy fashion show, emceed by FOX29 Good Day Philadelphia co-anchors Mike Jerrick and Alex Holley.

Other special guests include comedian and TV personality Joe Conklin, 94WIP host and former Philadelphia Eagle Mike Quick, former Philadelphia Eagle Hollis Thomas, Vince Papale, and AJ Feeley, who will be joined by wife, former professional soccer player and Olympian Heather Mitts Feeley.

The fashionable evening will showcase Philadelphia Eagle Malcolm Jenkins’ bow tie line, Rock Avenue Bow Ties. Jenkins’ trendy bow ties and pocket squares will be on full display during the fashion show, along with a Rock Avenue Bow Ties pop-up for guests to check out what other styles the line offers. The night will also feature luxury cars by FC Kerbeck, hair by Jason Matthew Salon, make-up byAshleyMarie Makeup Artistry, jewelry by Kellmer Jewelers, and sounds by DJ Eddie Tully.

Tickets for the Fashion Touchdown event can be purchased at FashionTouchdown for either General Admission at $99 or VIP at $175.

We hope to see you there! Fashion Touchdown

Employment Opportunities

Currently hiring two (2) Project Managers. Candidates will gain an extraordinary amount of experience and knowledge about the local PR industry. The positions are part time, 3 days per week, and hours vary.

These are great opportunities for energetic, confident individuals who are seeking an entry-level position in a public relations firm specializing in luxury lifestyle brands.

Candidates must either have a Bachelors degree or be a current student in a degree program (Senior) at an accredited institution studying in a discipline related to the Marketing and/or PR industry.

Experience in a related field is preferred, with the ideal candidate having experience in the real estate/restaurant/retail/non-profit industries.

Required skills include, but are not limited to:

  • Absolutely must be well versed in various components of the news business including working knowledge of media and their target audiences
  • Must be able to identify and articulate current trends
  • Excellent organizational skills with attention to detail
  • Strong verbal and written communications skills, ability to deal with strong personalities while maintaining high degree of professionalism
  • Must be able to work well under tight deadlines and in a fast paced environment, be comfortable multi-tasking
  • Proficiency creating and editing documents in Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Graphic design skills a plus
  • Positive, cheerful, team-oriented attitude

Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Daily telephone/email contact with local press and vendors
  • Maintain press contact database and client files
  • Track press coverage, clip and manage monthly press credits report
  • Assist in distribution of press releases and client press kits
  • Assist with planning, production and execution of local PR events
  • Managing VIP lists
  • Assist with research
  • Updating database
  • Contributing to Blog
  • Orchestrating mailings

Please submit your resume, along with a writing sample to

Thank you,


Get Your Kicks & Give Some Too

Get Your Kicks & Give Some Too

The Honigman Group is proud to partner with The DeMeco Ryans Foundation, Zarwin Baum and Chip Roman’s The Treemont, for a private chef’s dinner to benefit children in need before the new school year begins. Proceeds from the evening will go towards purchasing new shoes for students at S. Weir Mitchell Elementary, because nothing boosts confidence and creativity like a new pair of shoes. Come in your best kicks and join us as we stomp a few problems for these kids.

Tickets: EventBrite

World Cup Style: Special Guest Blogger, Ian Michael Crumm


Sometimes all I can think about is what event I’m going to next and WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?!? Hence here we are… Friday is days away, which means 1) the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil will be underway and 2) Al DÍa News Media has a bash to celebrate the global phenomenon at The Hub in center city.

So you’ve decided to go to the event (good I’ll be there, too) and now it’s time to figure out what to wear. I’ve rounded up a few wardrobe ideas that you’re more than welcome to mimic (let’s be honest – I hope you do!).

Embellished Top: The Work Appropriate Jersey

Have a busy day on Friday? The event starts at 2:30 p.m. and goes until 8 p.m. so wearing an outfit that transitions from work to FIFA play is a great option. I found this 3.1 Phillip Lim top at Knit Wit. The fish print is so adorable and festive. Vibrant colors compliment FIFA’s branding. It even has a gemstone-embellished collar. LOVE.

Knit Wit

Knit Wit

1729 Chestnut Street



Graphic Dress: So Effortless You Could Even Run In It

Perhaps you have more time to get ready and want to go for a slightly dressier option. This Issa dress from Boyds also plays up the jersey vibe. There’s always so much going on with athletic apparel. Here’s an option that’s (way) dressier than an athletic jersey, yet so fun, fresh and whimsical. It embodies the same things as the cute top I just wrote about except this one is a dress! Top and pants or one garment? Take your pick.



1818 Chestnut Street



Black and White: Cheer for Classic and Locally Produced

Sometimes you just have to take a step back from highly graphic and colorful outfits to opt for a simple black and white look. Nicole Haddad of Lobo Mau (produced in Philadelphia) works with sweatshirt materials to create comfortable and stylish looks. Here she paired black and white leggings with a crop top. This look is definitely the most casual and probably the most comfortable! You’re supposed to cheer for your country’s team in the World Cup – so why not cheer for a local designer? Bonus: she’s Brazilian. Second bonus: Lobo Mau means “Big Bad Wolf” in Portuguese.



Lobo Mau is available at US*U.S. Boutique

323 Arch Street



For the Guys: Colored Chinos

Okay guys here’s a brief overview of what I told the ladies (since you probably skipped to this section). 1) Tops that embody the spirit of jerseys are cool. Think logos, embellishments, etc 2) Graphics are a great way to play up the loud style culture that is soccer (excuse me fùtbol) apparel 3) Black and white is always a great option when you’re having trouble deciding what to wear.

Onto the key wardrobe piece… colored chinos. At events like the Al DÍa News Media 2014 FIFA Wold Cup Brazil Party at the Hub it’s important to stay relaxed, and look relaxed on that note, because let’s remember we’ll be hanging around watching soccer! Here’s a nice pair of yellow chinos from P’s & Q’s located in the Southstreet Headhouse District. Wear with your favorite team’s jersey or plain white tee. You’re all set!


P's & Q's


P’s & Q’s

820 South Street


Wondering what I’m going to wear? Color, and lots of it.

Have an outfit you can’t wait to share? Tweet it to @Honigman_Group and tag #AlDiaWorldCupStyle.

What do Beyonce, Seinfeld, My SAT Tutor and My College Roommate Have in Common?


Ha, no not the puffy shirt but I couldn’t resist.

Secrets.  They all have secrets.  Secrets of highly effective people, master principles to live by that I find most helpful and now I am going to share with you.

Spring has certainly sprung and with a seemingly unending stream of appointments, calls, emails and events, it appears as though there are simply not enough hours in the day…  or are there? As my mom so frankly put it, ‘You can’t be THAT busy, even Obama goes to Hawaii’.   And you know what?  She’s right.

I’m sick of being sooo busy and, coincidentally, I enjoy the continuous pursuit of personal and professional development so I decided to research and explore some of the habits of highly successful people-because that’s what I strive to be.

I quickly realized, therein lies the problem. To be more successful, you have to be more productive.  To be more productive, you have to be more efficient.  To be more efficient, you have to be lean and mean.  This got me thinking, that the concept of spring-cleaning need not apply exclusively to your garage or linen closet.  In the spirit of season, I’m sharing my, IF YOU DO NOTHING ELSE DO THESE 5 THINGS LIST in hopes that they will increase your efficiency, productivity and simplify your life.  (And start today)


My SAT tutor once asked me if I had ever heard of The KISS Principle.  “No,” I said as I watched my ride pull out of the parking lot and put a jailhouse grip on my #2 pencil.

“Keep It Simple Stupid,” he said.  Ahhh, an acronym and a joke from the SAT prep man.  He told me, “If you absolutely don’t know the answer, skip it…leave it blank.  An incorrect answer decreases your score more than a blank does so you are better off moving on and getting to the stuff that you can accomplish successfully.”

I have referred to the principle both outwardly and inwardly hundreds of times since then so it is safe to say he has added more value than the 110 points he helped me tack on my score.  Moral of the story is to simplify.  Don’t overthink things.  Less is more.  If you can’t do something, move on and/or delegate.  It is worse to do something wrong than to do or say nothing at all. (Especially in PR) 


Nothing is more humbling than remembering that someone like Beyoncé has the same amount of hours in the day that you do.  The difference between Queen Bey and the rest of us isn’t just the obvious though; it’s that she’s a highly efficient time manager, too and knows how to stick to a schedule.  Remind yourself that it isn’t the hours your put into your work it’s the work into your hours. Get your calendar together. Block time for everything and don’t cancel.  Differentiate between events with color-coding to more easily see your week/month at a glance.   Also, take a cue from the queen and learn how to respectfully decline certain requests.


I read in an article that Jerry Seinfeld (<3) was asked by an up and coming comic what, if any advice he could share on his secrets to building a successful and steady career.    Seinfeld apparently told the amateur comedian that he made it a point to write every single day.  After doing so, he would mark a big “X” on a giant wall calendar.  Marking that “X” was incentive for him to write new material and keep the chain going.  I find that his idea of not breaking the chain of positive action really resonating with me and inspiring me to be more productive (even on the weekends).  Proof that content has always been king. Create, content, every, day.


If you are anything like me (or should I say the old me), “To Do” lists abound and can materialize in various forms.  Be it an iNote, the back of an envelope or the margin of a newspaper, these anxiety-producing lists seem to be popping up everywhere.

Interestingly enough, I came across a study that showed that people end up doing less than half of the things they write down and lists do little more than waste time and create stress.  In contrast, people who wrote down things that they accomplished at the end of each day were likely to be more productive because they wanted to see MORE things written down the following days. 

We are trying it out calling it the Been There Done That List #BTDT and finding that it has motivating us to cross off everything from scrubbing outdated lists to scheduling that overdue eye exam.


My roommate in college, Ali gave me some of the best advice I have ever received. She wakes up every morning, hours before she needs to (sometimes she even vacuums) and makes sure that she has time to do the things that she needs to for herself, even if it is before 7am.

I remember I asked her why she did that and she said, “I like to take control of my day before my day takes control of me.”  Genius. Fantastic words of wisdom and a great idea.  I am coincidentally a morning person and enjoy a good jump on the day but even if you’re not, the idea of taking control of something before it takes control of you is a powerful message.

I often find myself applying this to my email inbox.  Merging two tips here, try to think of your inbox as just that, a place for incoming mail and items that still need your attention.  Other than pending items, your emails should be filed and stored away.  An organized inbox makes for better time management.

Bonus tips:  Unsubscribe from everything that you possibly can. Never stop learning or reading.  Drink more water.  Exercise 3–5 times per week. Do selfless favors.

If you need assistance or further information/support on how to optimize your productivity in business email to schedule a consultation.

Brackets & Jackets: HG Top Picks For March

Special Contributor C.J. Honigman


Check out our “Fab Five” picks and don’t worry, we have options for every budget.

1)  ”What a Croc” (FLORIDA, Gators)

2)  ”Black & Yellow, Black & Yellow” (WICHITA STATE, Shockers)

3)  ”Be Wild, Not Catty” (ARIZONA, Wildcats)

4)  ”The Cobalt Baller” (DUKE, Blue Devils)

5)  ”Orange You Glad To See Me” (SYRACUSE, Orangemen)

Where will you be watching and what will you be wearing?  Don’t forget to stop in Field House for Philadelphia’s ultimate March Madness experience all throughout the tournament.

Links to Buy:

SPLURGE: Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Metallic Croc Jacket

STAPLE: WAYNE Croc Smoking Blazer

STEAL: Topshop Faux Leather Croc Bomber

SPLURGE: Jonathan Saunders Satin Bomber

STAPLE: Fay Yellow Jacket

STEAL: Flower Girl Yellow Puffer

SPLURGE: Knit Wit DVF Leopard 

STAPLE: French Connection Teddy Leopard Coat

STEAL: BB Dakota Hazel Coat

SPLURGE: Vivienne Westwood Leather Voodoo Jacket

STAPLE: Asos Leather Biker Jacket Cobalt

STEAL: BLANKNYC Faux Leather Biker Jacket Cobalt

SPLURGE: Free People Safari Fringe Suede Jacket

STAPLE: Pinko Perforated Jacket Orange

STEAL: River Island Bright Orange Waterfall Jacket


“Just Make Me A Mix Tape” Valentine’s Day Debunked


Whether you are celebrating this Valentine’s Day with great friends, a cute date, or good old Y-O-U, we are all in need of a red-hot holiday to thaw the glacial pace of this winter.  I’ve spent Valentine’s in each of the three capacities in recent years and I have to tell you, happiness can be achieved by sticking to one simple principle…Don’t be the kind of person that sits around talking about things that happen or don’t happen to you, go out and make something happen for yourself; that’s what will attract people to you. So, ‘Treat YO-Self,’ this Valentine’s Day and if you have people around that you love, treat them, too.

Ladies, Get Yourself Right Guide:

NAIL IT.  First things first, treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure.  That’s 101.  You will never be able to go anywhere again once you’ve gone to Rittenhouse Nails.  Not only do they welcome you like you just got home from war, they give you a complimentary neck massage while your nails dry #clutch. 1742 Sansom St., Philadelphia, PA. Rittenhouse Square, (215) 557-0078

BLOW AWAY.  Next head down the block to Jason Matthew Salon.  The exposed brick on the walls mimics the raw talent they have on staff at the hip urban spot.  The passionate and meticulous Jennifer Bisicchia has cared for my locks over a decade; following an unfortunate experience I had with bleach-in-a-box back in college1735 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA (215) 665-8030,

STRIPPED & DIPPED.  Now you are ready to head to Sun Myst Spa, for the finishing touches.  Hurry in with a friend or partner to receive special 2 for 1 Valentines Day offers such as eyebrow shaping, teeth whitening and spray tanning (do them in that order).  Look and feel your ultimate self when you leave those ladies. S/O Valerie People’s, “Best of Philly Eyebrows,” & Marilyn Kellmer, Owner, Sun Myst voted, “Best Spray Tan on The East Coast,” InStyle Magazine. 124 S. 16th Street, 
Philadelphia, PA 19102 215-545-5010,

What to Get Her:

EVERY GIRL LIKES FLOWERS, HELLO!  I’m not saying pull over on 95 for the fresh-out-of-the-trunk brand from the man who smells of exhaust, but bringing home a beautiful arrangement is so easy and sets the tone for a great night.  If I were a man I would bring flowers home on the regular because I believe no man is as handsome as when he is carrying a bouquet of fresh stems, the true mark of a gentleman (and I somehow imagine his story,  ‘he is probably surprising her,’  ‘they may be for his mom or a sick neighbor,’ but I digress) Call FLOWERS & CO., the most magical shop in the city.  They will make a knock out arrangement on any budget mention #HonigmanGroup and nip your Valentine’s Day problems in the bud. 119 S. 19th St, Philadelphia, PA: Rittenhouse Square (215) 988-9171

ORDER SUSHI AND EAT ON THE FLOOR AT HOME & GO OUT FOR DESSERT.  My fav in the city for delivery is Sumo Sushi 337 S Broad St, Philadelphia, PA:  Washington Square (215) 985-1115,  Cement your p.i.m.p. status with dessert at Vernick, (have a whole meal there if you haven’t already) it is out of this world. 2031 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA: Rittenhouse (267) 639-6644,

MAKE HER A MIX TAPE OR WRITE HER A LOVE NOTE.  All girls really want to know is that you are thinking of them.  Tell her yourself in a love note, handwritten on a blank sheet of paper, not a card that says it all for you.  Can’t find the words?  Make an old school mix tape with 10-15 songs that mean something to you. (This is all I want) Spice up a blank cd with some originally illustrated cover art or be a baller and preload a playlist on a new ipod. #throwback Find it all at

What to Get Him:

There aren’t too many traditional gift ideas for men and if your Valentine is anything like mine, those cologne gifts really go over like a lead balloon.  Luckily, I think a man’s expectations of Valentine’s Day are lower so it’s more of a gesture, or a bonus if you will.  One year, when I was feeling extra nice I gave him a Wii, which instantaneously made me a rock star then just as quickly became the bane of my existence.  This year I’m feeling increasingly evil as he already ripped into the FedEx box that he correctly suspected was his Valentine’s Day present last week.  The box contained a special snowboarding hat that has been worn each day since and I’m trying to stick to my “that’s all you’re getting” guns unless I decide I can’t look at this hat anymore, which is a real possibility.

In any case, other great ideas for your guy are custom suits, shirts, socks, pocket squares and neckties packaged beautifully with care at Henry A. Davidsen (check out their new attached barber shop too) 1701 Spruce St #2, Philadelphia, PA (215) 253-5905 or a beautiful set of cufflinks or maybe even a new Tungsten wedding band courtesy Jeff Kellmer Private Jewelers (he’s got dazzling diamonds too, ladies) 510 W Lancaster Ave, Haverford, PA (484)380-2155


HAVE A LAUGH (AND A DRINK) My favorite friends Valentine’s Day was spent at Helium Comedy Club. Was the perfect setting to kickback, laugh and enjoy the company of friends. Hot tip; eat before you go.  I wish I could tell you more.  2031 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA. 215.496.9001,

With Love,

Christie xx

157th Academy Ball


157th Anniversary Concert and Ball

Saturday, January 25, 2014
Yannick Nézet-Séguin Conductor
Kevin and Michael Bacon Hosts
Stewart Goodyear Piano

Jill Scott Special Guest Artist with
Robert Glasper Piano

Join us for Philadelphia’s premier annual white-tie gala to celebrate this iconic building’s 157th birthday, while contributing to the restoration and preservation of our national historic landmark. Music Director Yannick Nézet-Séguin and The Philadelphia Orchestra along with the brightest guest stars will dazzle you in a spectacular evening of music, dining, and dancing not to be missed!