“Just Make Me A Mix Tape” Valentine’s Day Debunked


Whether you are celebrating this Valentine’s Day with great friends, a cute date, or good old Y-O-U, we are all in need of a red-hot holiday to thaw the glacial pace of this winter.  I’ve spent Valentine’s in each of the three capacities in recent years and I have to tell you, happiness can be achieved by sticking to one simple principle…Don’t be the kind of person that sits around talking about things that happen or don’t happen to you, go out and make something happen for yourself; that’s what will attract people to you. So, ‘Treat YO-Self,’ this Valentine’s Day and if you have people around that you love, treat them, too.

Ladies, Get Yourself Right Guide:

NAIL IT.  First things first, treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure.  That’s 101.  You will never be able to go anywhere again once you’ve gone to Rittenhouse Nails.  Not only do they welcome you like you just got home from war, they give you a complimentary neck massage while your nails dry #clutch. 1742 Sansom St., Philadelphia, PA. Rittenhouse Square, (215) 557-0078

BLOW AWAY.  Next head down the block to Jason Matthew Salon.  The exposed brick on the walls mimics the raw talent they have on staff at the hip urban spot.  The passionate and meticulous Jennifer Bisicchia has cared for my locks over a decade; following an unfortunate experience I had with bleach-in-a-box back in college1735 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA (215) 665-8030, http://www.jasonmatthew.com

STRIPPED & DIPPED.  Now you are ready to head to Sun Myst Spa, for the finishing touches.  Hurry in with a friend or partner to receive special 2 for 1 Valentines Day offers such as eyebrow shaping, teeth whitening and spray tanning (do them in that order).  Look and feel your ultimate self when you leave those ladies. S/O Valerie People’s, “Best of Philly Eyebrows,” & Marilyn Kellmer, Owner, Sun Myst voted, “Best Spray Tan on The East Coast,” InStyle Magazine. 124 S. 16th Street, 
Philadelphia, PA 19102 215-545-5010, www.mysunmyst.com

What to Get Her:

EVERY GIRL LIKES FLOWERS, HELLO!  I’m not saying pull over on 95 for the fresh-out-of-the-trunk brand from the man who smells of exhaust, but bringing home a beautiful arrangement is so easy and sets the tone for a great night.  If I were a man I would bring flowers home on the regular because I believe no man is as handsome as when he is carrying a bouquet of fresh stems, the true mark of a gentleman (and I somehow imagine his story,  ‘he is probably surprising her,’  ‘they may be for his mom or a sick neighbor,’ but I digress) Call FLOWERS & CO., the most magical shop in the city.  They will make a knock out arrangement on any budget mention #HonigmanGroup and nip your Valentine’s Day problems in the bud. 119 S. 19th St, Philadelphia, PA: Rittenhouse Square (215) 988-9171

ORDER SUSHI AND EAT ON THE FLOOR AT HOME & GO OUT FOR DESSERT.  My fav in the city for delivery is Sumo Sushi 337 S Broad St, Philadelphia, PA:  Washington Square (215) 985-1115, http://www.sumosushiphiladelphia.com.  Cement your p.i.m.p. status with dessert at Vernick, (have a whole meal there if you haven’t already) it is out of this world. 2031 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA: Rittenhouse (267) 639-6644, http://www.vernickphilly.com

MAKE HER A MIX TAPE OR WRITE HER A LOVE NOTE.  All girls really want to know is that you are thinking of them.  Tell her yourself in a love note, handwritten on a blank sheet of paper, not a card that says it all for you.  Can’t find the words?  Make an old school mix tape with 10-15 songs that mean something to you. (This is all I want) Spice up a blank cd with some originally illustrated cover art or be a baller and preload a playlist on a new ipod. #throwback Find it all at http://www.bestbuy.com

What to Get Him:

There aren’t too many traditional gift ideas for men and if your Valentine is anything like mine, those cologne gifts really go over like a lead balloon.  Luckily, I think a man’s expectations of Valentine’s Day are lower so it’s more of a gesture, or a bonus if you will.  One year, when I was feeling extra nice I gave him a Wii, which instantaneously made me a rock star then just as quickly became the bane of my existence.  This year I’m feeling increasingly evil as he already ripped into the FedEx box that he correctly suspected was his Valentine’s Day present last week.  The box contained a special snowboarding hat that has been worn each day since and I’m trying to stick to my “that’s all you’re getting” guns unless I decide I can’t look at this hat anymore, which is a real possibility.

In any case, other great ideas for your guy are custom suits, shirts, socks, pocket squares and neckties packaged beautifully with care at Henry A. Davidsen (check out their new attached barber shop too) 1701 Spruce St #2, Philadelphia, PA (215) 253-5905 http://www.henrydavidsen.com or a beautiful set of cufflinks or maybe even a new Tungsten wedding band courtesy Jeff Kellmer Private Jewelers (he’s got dazzling diamonds too, ladies) 510 W Lancaster Ave, Haverford, PA (484)380-2155 http://www.jkellmer.com


HAVE A LAUGH (AND A DRINK) My favorite friends Valentine’s Day was spent at Helium Comedy Club. Was the perfect setting to kickback, laugh and enjoy the company of friends. Hot tip; eat before you go.  I wish I could tell you more.  2031 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA. 215.496.9001, http://www.heliumcomedy.com

With Love,

Christie xx

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